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Okay I officially have a new obsession to go with my Supernatural and it goes by the name: NCIS.

I don't have time for a new obsession. LOL


Congrats Supernatural!!!!!

It's so great the show is getting a fifth (and possibly final) season.
Love this news.

Kim Manners

Dead in the Water.
Devil's Trap.
In My Time Of Dying.
Mystery Spot.
Fresh Blood.
No Rest for the Wicked.
Lazarus Rising.

Best. Supernatural. Director. Ever.
He will be missed.

I really...

Need to ween myself off of message boards and forums and community posts that aren't fan fics and the like. I'm so sick of all the negativity it's disgusting. I'm not faulting everyone for being negative, because it's their right. Although I do not like how some take a very vicious road. And I do get annoyed that people write criticism like it's fact and not subjective. But in the end I blame myself because I read it. I'm getting better about it, because I'm not reading as much, but there does have to come a day where I just give it all up cold turkey. I will. One day.

Drove to San Francisco...

...this weekend. On the way I saw signs for the Winchester Mystery House. I so wanted to go and check it out, but I didn't have time.

Plus, I saw signs for a Winchester Canyon.

On the way back I saw a Jensen Road. I so wanted to take it to see where it led...

Everything always comes back to Supernatural.


I was kind of annoyed by the book. But I have to say that I liked the movie. How many times can you say that? Usually the movie based on the book sucks. I'm probably in the minority saying this, but I dug the movie more. The book was okay, but the fact that the big-screen version toned down a lot of things from the book for the sake of time, made my movie-going experience that much more enjoyable.

It made me want to read the second book. Which I will. Soon.

Gap Ads: Time To Get Shallow

I just saw a post on ohnotheydidn't - it featured Gap ads with some awesome actors like one of my favorites, Jon Hamm from AMC's Mad Men. Anyway, it got me thinking. Gap needs to feature Jensen and Jared in an ad. They would rock the Gap clothing big time, cause they pretty much look good in everything. This so needs to happen before the show is over.

New shows...

I don't know if anybody else is trying to watch everything that has to do with the new fall season, but I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to be watching along with Supernatural. I'm wondering if there's going to be another Supernatural in the bunch - which in laymen terms means a show that I completely hand over my life to. Don't know if this will ever happen to me again, because if it does I'll never leave my apartment but I can tell you what I'm definitely going to watch and more importantly, not watch.

K-Ville on Fox is definitely going to be a no. I wanted to like that show so bad, but I don't. At this point, I don't even think I'm going to give it my usual second chance.

Gossip Girl on The CW: I'm well, well, (did I mention well?) past my teenage years, but damn I love this show. I'm hooked at the first episode. I just hope it continues to entertain because I'll be watching. I don't want my fascination with this show to taper off quickly like it did with The OC and One Tree Hill. I hope I'll be able to watch until the bitter end like I did with 90210. Although now that I think about it, 90210 made it very painful to tune in to the bitter end. Regardless, I'm on board big time with Gossip Girl.